Thursday, July 1, 2010

the confidence of snowflakes

The confidence of Snow flakes
Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 1:48am
I need to recover the confidence of the snow flakes.They arrive, they fall and they crystalize.I want to appear to the sky , fill the nothingness urge my falling to meet the skin of someone 's cheekI want to embrace the world and make it stop,for a second of eternity in my arms, I want to suspend my fall to twinkle and meet the eternity,Snow flakes are amazing , they know they will fall, the now they won't last they shout their light and scream their beauty to the worldthey urge their fall to get together to comfort the earth of a promising rebirth Snow flakes are beautiful ...

Pictures from Francois Artacho

Here are some awesome pictures taken when we performed in Montreal at Monocle Rouge, Al Sur Tango.

He is just a great artist.

Tell him what you think :)

Monday, May 31, 2010


We will be performing at the New York Fringe Festival this summer from August 13th to the 29th.

What ?
Two choreographers will share the hour.

Will be presented "Que le vent l'emporte' choreographed by Marjolayne Auger
and "I am what i am not" choreographed by Gessica Paperini.

When ?
Here are the dates and the time table you were waiting for :
August 14th at 4h15 pm
August 16th at 10h pm
August 18th at 1h45 pm
August 22nd at 7h pm
August 25th at 6h pm

Where ?

How much ?
15 $ in advance 18$ at the door.
Book online :

The performers...

New Young Choreographers
New Young Choreographers is a collective newly founded in New York City. We are dancers from all around the world, America, Europe Asia (Unfortunately we are missing Africa), that have decided to work together. We found each other in New York, we found ourselves here.

For the moment, just two of us are choreographing, but we are all choreographers that are dancing for each others, some with more experience, working all in towards the same goal, completing each other.


Our esthetic is part of the dance theatre world, but it is still dance. We started the creative process working with words and images to then create movement. We incorporate improvisation and imposed sequences in the construction of our choreographies. Our work gives an important place to connection and partnering.

Our thematic are inspired by poetry: poetry of sick bodies and lost minds. Poetry of all shades, revealing long time hidden secrets.

Our new work incorporates theatre dance and more abstract dance.
Gessica is working on madness, dependance and Marjolayne on the joy and the ritual of dance. They both question identity, life purpose, relationships and celebrate the act of life.


Gessica and Marjolayne work together since 2009 using their opposite personalities to complete each other.
In their new work, be they play with partnering work, floor work and vocal work. Although they do it in a different way, they base their physicality on the emotion or the expression of a theme. They play with the gesture to create images and symbols.

.Limon technique and argentine folklore are responding to each other in Marjolayne' esthetic. She likes to propose a thematic to improvise to her dancers and then, she experiments and creates choreographic phrases from her dancers's mouvements.

Gessica brings an European wind with her bases in contemporary and release ans she uses impulses from the center to generate an action-reaction style.

*We also collaborate with other international artists that are not permanent member of this collective.


Marjolayne Auger
has a bachelor in dance from UQAM and is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. Since she graduated, she enjoyed collaborating with other artists in the development of artistic projects adding other disciplines to dance. She had the chance to tour in Mexico in a multidisciplinary project and dance for Danza Corpus in Cuba. She also dedicated herself to argentine tango and folklore. She toured with tango orchestras and adapted Romeo and Juliet to a tango show. She was introduced to Indian dances, Kathak and Baratha Natyam working in Manijeh Ali and Aparna Sindhoor projects. She lives now in New York to complete her knowledge in modern dance in the following styles : Limon, Graham, Horton and Taylor-bas.

Flavia Bruni
is originally from Italy where she studied improvisation and modern dance.
She has danced in Italy with Chorea, Morphe and Carla Vannucchi Dance Company.
Flavia is actually studying at Peridance Capezio Center.

Licia Calcagno
is certified in Vaganova technique and character dance from International Dance Academy Russian Ballet Academy, Italy,directed by Irina Kashkova. In 2007, she trained with Gianin Loringette, Patrick Rebus, Martine Kaisserlian, in Nice at the Off jazz. Then, in 2008, she went to London to study with Andrew Stone, Linda Dadd, Fleur Murray, Maria Yacoob at Pineapple dance studios. She is in New York since 2009, studying Limon technique with Limon company members, graham with Marnie Thomas, contemporary with Max Stone, Michael Thomas and ballet with Kenny Larson, Graziella Kozak and Rachel List.

Noemi Di Gregorio,
half italian, grew up in Switzerland. She started her moving career as a figure skater with Kurt Pulver as her trainer and Salome Brunner as a choreographer. Then, she went to the Zurich Dance and Theater School and graduated in 2008. Noemi performed 3 seasons with Art on ice, where she worked with Marvin A. Smith. She also was as a dancer in the musical “The voice” and in two Swiss films. Meanwhile, she performed in different projects and own choreographies in Europe. Noemi came to New York to attend to Limon professional study program.

Karolina-Maria Kolodziej
is a native of Wuppertal, Germany, holds a BFA from Folkwang Hochschule, Germany. She has worked with Prof. Lutz Förster, Malou Airoudo, Dominique Mercy, Stefan Brinkmann of the Pina Bausch Company and also Urs Dietrich, Rodolpho Leoni, Henrietta Horn, Jeremy Springs and Libby Nye a former member of the José Limón Company. In addition she has been awarded a scholarship from DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service, in 2010 to come to NYC. In NYC, she has performed at the Limon Institute’s Professional Studies Program in work by Jose Limòn, Sue Bernard and she worked with Beth Soll & Company.

Lisa Julian
has been dancing her entire life. She grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. Her childhood was filled with serious training and national competitions in the areas of ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, musical theater and gymnastics. In 2001, she graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.F.A. in modern dance performance. While in college, she was a member of the University Dance Company, which provided her the experiences of working with many world-renowned choreographers. Lisa spent the 7 years following college as a teacher and choreographer for children in Pittsburgh. During that time she was a part of numerous local dance performances. At the age of 29, Lisa decided to move to New York City to pursue a career as a performer and choreographer. Training again has made her feel so alive. She is very happy to be a part of this group and has enjoyed working with Marjolayne and Gessica greatly.

Maiko Matsui
is a native of Osaka, Japan and has trained at Laban Center, London, UK from 2001 to 2002.She came to NYC in 2004 and has been studying at Peridance and Ballet Arts. She is specialized in choreography, in modern and contemporary dance, in contact improvisation , yoga, and somatic movement. She is a member of Blue Muse Dance , Urban Wash Dance Company and Visions Contemporary Ballet . She is also a certified GYROKINESIS® teacher.GYROKINESIS is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

Gessica Paperini
studied and performed with Opus Ballett dance company from Florence. She also has a certification from Madrid Conservatory. In Madrid, she had the great opportunity to work with the companies of Chevi Muraday , Los Dedae and Carmen Werner, Provisional. Chevi Muraday ‘s work had a great impression on her, since he incorporated his multicultural background to his choreographic work and made her discover contact improvisation. She recently came to New York to study with Graham School and Limon Institute. Her new choreographic work is based on modern dance roots and mixed with her European dance background to create a very personal universe.

Megan Ward
began her training
in the Royal Academy of Dance program in her native Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in
more recent years she has studied at the prestigious Tulsa Ballet
School, Joffrey Ballet School and the Martha Graham
School of Contemporary Dance, where she trained under the legendary
Dudley Williams. Her schooling further encompasses two years in New
York’s Solstice Studio, and her recent tutelage with Diane McCarthy at
Dance New Amsterdam, also of New York City.

Megan was a member of Circle Modern Dance, of Knoxville, TN from the
year 2000 through 2006, while she was simultaneously a principal in
Ballet Gloria from 2004-2006. She also performed with the Oak Ridge
Civic Ballet Association during those formative years. Ever the
multi-tasker, Megan taught at the East Tennessee Conservatory of Fine
Arts during the same period, working particularly with children. Megan
taught advanced classes with Circle Modern Dance, while further
working with the mentally challenged at Sunshine Industries Megan now lives in New York and has worked with Mark Lamb Dance as a collaborator and dancer for four years.

There are several notable strands to Megan Ward’s artistry. With her
strong ballet background, she is technically proficient in a
variety of dance styles, which she uses for her choreography. This is evident in her sidecareer, as a noted proponent of urban tribal belly-dancing, (a moderngloss on the Middle Eastern tradition). Beyond that, Megan is highly theatrical. She is an actor of the old school. " Vixenish" and youthful, Megan imparts both humor and drama within the structures
of modern dance.

Her ongoing goal is finding her unique artistic voice within
a variety of artistic disciplines. She has a passion for collaborating with artists of all styles and is most pleased to be working with Marjolayne Auger.


NYC is already working internationally.
Our first engagement as a company will be in Montreal, Canada. We will be giving a workshop at the studio Fleur d’asphalte. The workshop will include technique classes and a choreographic workshop. The result of this week of work will be presented at the cabaret Monocle Rouge.

Then this Fall, some of us will be teaching at Ials studio in Rome, Italy, a Limon-based workshop, including again technique classes and a repertory Limon-based workshop. We will be also performing in a play of Carlo Pasquini.